Energizing Morning Smoothie

energizing smoothie

My mom tells everyone that I was “born tired”. Birthday parties and family gatherings during my childhood were spent playing a little, but mostly chilling with the adults on the sofa or at the table because I “needed to rest” while all the other kids ran around for hours. As a teenager and way into… 

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Three ways to feel more grounded

How to feel Grounded

Picture yourself walking on very stable ground, with a deep sense of well being, confidence in yourself and in life, and a warm fuzzy feeling that the world supports you and your wildest dreams. Envision yourself going through life, work, and social interactions, knowing exactly what your place in the world is. Imagine feeling strong, healthy, and safe in… 

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Detoxify your body and mind


Hello lovelies! A new season is approaching, and it’s only a matter of weeks till we start seeing all the beautiful changes this time of the year brings. And whatever is happening in nature as a whole, is an outward representation of what is happening inside ourselves too, making this the perfect time of year to make… 

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